Watercolor Basics Workshop

A 7-day Workshop Recorded LIVE

Hi, I’m Jessica Sanders, a self-taught watercolor and mixed-media artist who loves exploring art and sharing it with you!

The LIVE session has ended, but this course is still available as a self-study course!

In this introductory watercolor workshop,
you will learn the very basics of watercolor, from getting set up, to learning the basic techniques of watercolor, such as washes and textures.

The workshop will be taught as a series of Facebook Live lessons over the course of 10 days. Each 20-30 minute lesson will focus on learning introductory watercolor skills, plus tips for solving common problems for beginners.

There will be no new lessons on weekends to give everyone time to practice painting, ask questions, and share! I will be in the Facebook group giving tips, answering questions, and I may pop in live to do demos or answer specific questions, throughout the workshop.

Facebook group will be archived after the workshop is complete.

Students have lifetime access to all the lessons
in the Color Me Creative Art Classroom.

When you complete this workshop, you will be have all the knowledge and tools you need to begin painting beautiful watercolor paintings!

Workshop Schedule

October 1-10, 2020

The live session of this workshop is currently scheduled for October 1-10, 2020.  After the virtual live class has ended, students will have lifetime accesss to all of the sessions in the Color Me Creative Art Classroom.

  • Day 1:  Welcome, Supply Recommendations & Setting Up Your Watercolor Palette<br>
  • Day 2:  How to Wet Your Brush, Clean Your Brush, & Move Your Paint, PLUS your flipbook set up
  • WEEKEND 1 - get your supplies set up!
  • DAY 3:  Controlling Water in Your Brush, and on Your Paper
  • DAY 4:  Mixing Paint with Water: Paint to Water Ratios with My 3 Bears approach.  
  •  Zoom Q&A for Days 1-4 -either in the afternoon or at night, TBA
  • DAY 5:  Brush Control: How to use your brush
  • DAY 6:  All About Watercolor Washes
  • DAY 7:  Techniques, Techniques, Techniques
  •  Zoom Q&A for Days 1-7 -either in the afternoon or at night, TBA
  • WEEKEND 2 - Paint, play and connect! 

Workshop curriculum

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Special Introductory Price - October Live Online Session

Watercolor Basics Workshop

Supply List


Basic watercolor supplies are recommended for this class. Your supplies may not be the same brand or colors as mine, but you can use what you have.

  • Watercolor Paint - Mission Gold 36 color set

  • Watercolor Paper - 140lb/300gsm cold press - 100% cotton preferred, but not required
    -Bee paper company makes a nice, reasonably priced cotton paper  

  • Watercolor Paint Brushes - large round size 8 or 10, and a fine liner size 0

  • Cloth or paper towel for drying brush

  • 2 jars of clean water

  • Low-tack masking tape, like Washi tape or blue painters tape

  • Tissue (Kleenex - any brand will do)

Fun Additional Supplies (optional)

Most of these supplies are common household items.  All of these supplies are optional, but I will demonstrate how to use them with watercolor on Day 7: Techniques, Techniques, Techniques.

  • White Gouache

  • Masking fluid

  • Spray bottle of water

  • Salt

  • Isopropyl alcohol

  • Cling wrap (kitchen)

  • Wax crayon or candle

  • ¾ “ ring for binding flipbook


At the end of this class, you will have created a series of practice paintings that can be turned into a flipbook.  The flipbook will be a fantastic reference to help you remember what you have learned.  And, sometime in the future, it will be a great memento to look back at the beginning of your watercolor journey!

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I can't wait to share everything I know to help you get started on your wonderful watercolor journey!

What students are saying...

Amanda W., Skillshare Student

This class exceeded my expectations!

Jessica is such a fun and engaging teacher.  I just adore her style of teaching and encouragement and would easily compare her to Bob Ross of our generation. She's like the art teacher we all wish we'd had growing up.

Kerstin, Community Member

For me this group is a place where I can play with my creativity unpretentiously and at the same time learn a lot about watercolor and get a lot of inspiration. 

Alicia M., Skillshare Student

Wonderful class! (Abstract Blooms)

I am trying to improve my loose watercolor skills and this class fit me perfectly! Her technique allows for whimsical and abstract blooms with sense of depth. I'm always happy when Jessica publishes a new class, I know I will learn something new and most importantly, have fun at the same time!


Jessica Sanders

Artist | Teacher | Designer

Jessica Sanders

​Hello, wonderful creative friend! I'm so happy you are here! :-)
I'm Jessica, an artist, online teacher, and content creator, living in Houston, Texas.
My passion is exploring art, creativity, and art supplies! It makes me happy to explore, to find the answer to 'what if', and to share it with you.
My mission is to help others experience the joy of making art with a spirit of exploration and discovery. I share that by teaching online watercolor and mixed-media art classes.
You can find me at ColorMeCreativeArt.com, as well as follow me on YouTube and Instagram for exploration, inspiration, and tutorials. I also teach classes on Skillshare.