Fun and Easy Watercolor Class

Self paced online course - immediate access!

In this watercolor class for any level, we will explore painting abstract blooms in a loose and sketchy style.
Think of this as a paint-a-long class!

First, we will chat about supplies. Then, I’ll share some sketchy techniques and the colors we will be using in this class. Next, I will walk you through the real-time sketching and painting of some beautiful, vibrant, loose watercolor blooms!
We will enhance our watercolor skills while focusing on enjoying our exploration of watercolor!

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Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2


    • 02 Supplies

  • 3

    Techniques and Colors

    • 03 Drawing Sketchy Bloom Shapes

    • Sketching Review

    • 04 Swatching Colors

  • 4

    Main Project - Sketch and Paint Abstract Blooms

    • 05 Sketching Blooms-1

    • 06 Painting Abstract Blooms Part 1

    • 07 Painting Abstract Blooms Part 2

    • 08 Painting Abstract Blooms Part 3

    • 09 Painting Abstract Blooms Part 4

    • 10 Project & Thank You

    • Please Share Your Class Experience

  • 5

    Extend Your Learning

    • 11 Fun and Fancy Flowers

    • 12 Bonus 2

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Let's get started painting wonderful abstract blooms with watercolor!

What students are saying...

Amanda W., Skillshare Student

This class exceeded my expectations!

Such a fun class!  Jessica is sucha fun and engaging teacher.  I just adore her style of teaching and encouragement and would easily compare her to Bob Ross of our generation. She's like the art teacher we all wish we'd had growing up.

Alicia M., Skillshare Student

Wonderful class!

I trying to improve my loose watercolor skills and this class fit me perfectly!. Her technique allows for whimsical and abstract blooms with sense of depth. I'm always happy when Jessica publishes a new class, I know I will learn something new and most importantly, have fun at the same time!


Artist | Teacher | Designer

Jessica Sanders

​Hello, wonderful creative friend! I'm so happy you are here! :-)
I'm Jessica, an artist, online teacher, and content creator, living in Houston, Texas.
My passion is exploring art, creativity, and art supplies! It makes me happy to explore, to find the answer to 'what if', and to share it with you.
My mission is to help others experience the joy of making art with a spirit of exploration and discovery. I share that by teaching online watercolor and mixed-media art classes.
You can find me at, as well as follow me on YouTube and Instagram for exploration, inspiration, and tutorials. I also teach classes on Skillshare.

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Let's get started painting wonderful abstract blooms with watercolor!